My perfect vegan everyday workbag

My perfect vegan everyday workbag

My perfect everyday vegan workbag is not an everyday bag.

My all-time favourite vegan handbag is the perfect size and weight to carry everything that I need for my work - and more. As a business woman, this bag never disappoints - it enables me to show up stylishly at every client appointment, business meeting, or lunch with my very fashion conscious BFF’s, and it never fails to stir up an interesting conversation about vegan luxury and other juicy topics!

I love it when my friends compliment me about the beautiful colour of my handbag, which is perfect for every season. And after chatting for a while, they usually ask me if they can touch it… and that’s when the magic happens.

Ooh’s and aah’s about how soft and ‘real' my handbag feels on the outside and how velvety the inside is, and how the smart design easily holds my laptop, iPad, phone, business cards, documents, a book, my favourite lipstick, perfume, hairbrush… and all of my secret little luxuries.

OK, they are not so secret anymore!

When you know me, you know that I am addicted to my Hurraw! lip balm, and that I always carry a bar of my favourite raw chocolate and my silver handbag hook with a beautiful Swarovski crystal rose design.

My contemporary everyday handbag graciously takes me from a business meeting to my favourite happy hour. A swipe of lipstick, an extra coat of mascara, and switching from mid-high to high heels is usually all it takes to get the party started.

Aside from all of my favourite handbag luxuries, I also want and need a little tech in my everyday life:

Facebook… to keep up with how my friends are doing, learn from links they share and most importantly, Facebook makes me feel like a celebrity on my birthday.

Instagram… to inspire me with beautiful pictures that give life and colour to my virtual world. I love that it’s quick and easy to use, and loaded with cute kitten pictures. Say no more.

Nozbe… to take me back into reality. Does anyone else have an endless list of to do’s?

And my 3 most favourite apps:

- HappyCow - and with this I don’t mean Hong Kong's premium dairy-free ice-cream made from coconuts. The HappyCow app makes it quick and easy to find the nearest vegan friendly restaurant wherever I end up being in the world.
- PETA - as a proud vegan and animal lover, I love helping animals as much as I can by participating in urgent action alerts against cruelty to animals. When I have a minute to spare I can ask retailers to stop selling animal skins, urge Canada to end its shameful seal slaughter and more. It’s easy and it makes a huge difference. This app saves animal lives!
- The Blender Girl Smoothies app - because I love to whip up a smoothie when I’m in a hurry, especially in the morning, as I am a firm believer that what I eat first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of my day. It can mean the difference between feeling energetic or sluggish. This is where this app comes to the rescue with delicious recipes and I can always search based on what I “feel, need and crave”. Confession: vegan chocolate is frequently on my ‘key ingredient’ wishlist.

I love it when my working days look as glamorous as possible, while also being very well organised. All the little and not so little details make my day-to-day work life even more exciting!

Curious to know what my go-to bag is?

Boss attitude required!

With Compassion + Style,

Founder of PURE INEKE

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